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Farm News

Our Fainting Goats are listed on the Goat Kids for Sale page.

Wethered Fainting Goats for Sale

Whethered myotonic goats make the best pets!
We have three wethered goat kids for sale. Wethered (castrated) males make great pets and you can keep them with your females. You can learn more about Myotonic Goats from our recent article, if you like. These boys are not registered livestock and we only want $200 each for them. They were all born in […]

Jilly & Kids for Sale

Jilly the Myotonic Goat and her twins on a Summer day
Jilly is a classic, standard-sized Myotonic Goat. Myotonic goats, or you might know them as Tennessee Fainting Goats are a smaller breed. They tend to be stockier than some of the others. And the black and white markings are most common. Fainting goats make great pets! They tend to be more docile and get in […]

Goats and Kids Galore

We have twenty new kids prancing around the farm. Ten of these are the Miniature Tennessee Fainting Goat. Two little girls are going to their new home in Woodville. The others are from a breed we are developing for hardiness and parasite resistance. All doing splendidly. The fainting goat kids will be available for sale by mid-March. […]

It is Hard to Have Them Go

Two little guys saying goodbye to Mom The goal of having the cute little things is to send them off to new homes and make some money for the farm. However, I do struggle whenever they go. They had their bath and hooves trimmed. Then we put tags in their ears. Next we banded these […]

Tidbits and Thumbnails

Puppies Puppies are growing quickly and go for their 6-week check up in a few days. All have been spoken for but I know two other farmers that had Great Pyrenees and they have a few left of their litters. We will be putting all the pups out with adults to let them become accustomed […]

Mini Myotonics for Sale

We have six sweet little kids for sale, the mini-myotonic kind. Selling them is the reason I breed the stock, but oh how I hate to part with them. There are four little girls and two little boys. All are registered and the parents are here on the farm for you to see. No they […]

Finally, They Are Arriving

Our miniature Tennessee Fainting Goats! The first set of twins arrived early in the afternoon of June 27. Granddaughter Hanna and her friend El were exploring the farm and discovered the just born kids still yucky from their entrance into a new world. The three of us maneuvered mom and kids into a safe spot […]

How to do things the hard way!

These are the twins we are bottle feeding. Since we have more than two, we use the multi-nipple milk dispenser. They spotted it first and hurried ahead of their buddies to get more than their share. All of the kids recognize the dispenser and even the ones being fed by mom will come running trying […]

Weather, Lambs, Kids and Other Stuff

How warm is it? You know it is too warm for January when grass is sprouting in the trailer crevices from the seeds dropped out of the last load of hay. We’re watching and worrying about all this warm winter weather. The sporadic rain has been welcome but if the temperatures continue don’t expect to […]

Lambs and Kids for 2013

I’m here!  “That’s me, Lizzie, in the front. I was born December 15, 2012 and now I’m big enough to teach the newbies what to do. There are plenty of ewes showing signs of bringing us more new friends. Actually, now there are five of us with two born New Year’s Day. We romp, play, […]