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How to do things the hard way!

Written by: Bobbie
March 19, 2013


Goat kids crossed at the milking standThese are the twins we are bottle feeding. Since we have more than two, we use the multi-nipple milk dispenser. They spotted it first and hurried ahead of their buddies to get more than their share. All of the kids recognize the dispenser and even the ones being fed by mom will come running trying to get a slurp.

Goats are relatively smart but I don’t think these two have reached their capacity just yet. They do keep us entertained. Watching a 4 pound kid try to butt a 15 pound cousin or jump into the air clearing the ground by about 1/2 inch or chewing on a piece of hay that is twice as long as they are, makes us laugh. They play hard and then plop down where they are and fall asleep. Sometimes it is in an obscure spot and no amount of bleating by mom brings them around. That is until they wake up hungry. Then it is Maaaa! Maaaa!  Maaaa! and she comes running to the rescue.