Pet Boarding

Gracie and the "puppies"Your family pet can go to camp while you are on vacation.

We built some 20′ x 30′ play yards for the big dogs. They have shade, a large shelter, and a kiddy pool; and we bring them indoors at night and on very hot days.

The indoor/outdoor kennels have automatic waterers and a soft bed to snuggle on. Your dog can stay in the air conditioning or go outside to check out the ranch action whenever he or she pleases.

Cats, even pigs are welcome, and we’ll keep your other family pets, too – goldfish, hamster, bird or other creatures. Just bring their own cage (fish bowl) and food.

We require your pets to have current shots for rabies and distemper, and Bordetella for the dogs.

You are welcome to come by for a tour of the facilities. Just call 850-508-2607 or send us an email to let us know you are coming.

Please fill out our online Pet Boarding Application to schedule your pet’s stay. We’ll confirm by return email.

Daily Rates for Pet Boarding

  • Cats $12.00
  • Dogs $22.00

We allow drop-off and pick-up seven days a week from dawn to dark. Charges begin on the day of arrival and checkout time is 10:00 AM. Let us know when you are on the way and someone will arrange to be here.

Dog Grooming Services

Have your dog groomed or just bathed while he or she is here. Kina Lundgren offers full-service grooming on Wednesdays. Find out more HERE.

On any day, we can give your pup a “Going Home Bath by Charissa.”

Prices for “Going Home Bath”

Small Dog $18 to $20
Medium Dog $21 to $24
Large Dog $25 to $30

Let us know if you want that on the Pet Boarding Application.

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