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Goat Kids for Sale

Here are our new goat kids for sale. Some are able to be registered as Fainting Goats through the International Fainting Goat Association (IFGA) and some are not.

Contact us if you are interested in any of them.

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Butterscotch’s Twins

Girls were born 2/8/2022 and are miniatures, meaning they will will grow to be no more than 22″ at the shoulder. Most of our girls are around 19″ or less. They make great pets!

Parents are Dam: Golden Acres Ranch Butterscotch and Sire: Golden Acres Ranch Beckett

They both faint and meet other standards, so they can be registered with IFGA.

$500 each

Jordan’s Doeling

Jordan’s Girl was born November 22, 2022. Her dam is Golden Acres Ranch Jordan, a registered Tennessee Fainting Goat.

Her Sire is a rescue fainting goat but he doesn’t faint so he can’t be registered. He does qualify as a miniature, though. We call him Ollie.

The doeling (young female) is sweet and docile which is a Myotonic Goat trait. She would make a good pet with some handling and attention. Her head markings are brown and she qualifies as a miniature.


Rose Lane Farm Myrtle’s Doeling

Myrtle, the dam, is a registered Miniature Fainting Goat. The sire is Ollie, not registered, however, a miniature.