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Wethered Fainting Goats for Sale

Written by: Golden Acres Ranch
December 6, 2019

Whethered myotonic goats make the best pets!
We have three wethered goat kids for sale. Wethered (castrated) males make great pets and you can keep them with your females. You can learn more about Myotonic Goats from our recent article, if you like. These boys are not registered livestock and we only want $200 each for them. They were all born in Continue reading...

Jilly & Kids for Sale

Written by: Golden Acres Ranch

Jilly the Myotonic Goat and her twins on a Summer day
Jilly is a classic, standard-sized Myotonic Goat. Myotonic goats, or you might know them as Tennessee Fainting Goats are a smaller breed. They tend to be stockier than some of the others. And the black and white markings are most common. Fainting goats make great pets! They tend to be more docile and get in Continue reading...