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Jilly & Kids for Sale

Jilly the Myotonic Goat and her twins on a Summer day

Written by: Golden Acres Ranch
December 6, 2019


Jilly is a classic, standard-sized Myotonic Goat. Myotonic goats, or you might know them as Tennessee Fainting Goats are a smaller breed. They tend to be stockier than some of the others. And the black and white markings are most common.

Fainting goats make great pets! They tend to be more docile and get in less trouble than your regular billy goat. We imagine this is because they can startle themselves too easily and ‘faint.’

By ‘faint’ we mean that their legs stiffen, sometimes to the point that they fall over. They don’t swoon like a southern belle.

It turns out the myotonic, or fainting gene makes their meat really tender. These are meat goats, not milk goats.

Myotonic goats are also considered an endangered livestock breed, a breed that is valuable enough to try to cultivate. That means we can register them as breeding stock if the lineage and health meet the criteria.

Fainting goats are also parasite resistant, a crucial feature here in sub-tropical Florida.

Jilly’s History

We got Jilly along with our equines, Cookie and Tyrion, from an elderly woman in the Jacksonville area. She’s a healthy, beautiful, registered goat born in November 2012.

She had her first twins last April. We’ve kept them all together and they get along great. Jilly is kind of a prima donna, though and bosses the other goats in the herd. Only her kids can eat out of the same bowl with her!

The boy is whether-ed, so he is not breeding stock, and that way we could keep them all together. We haven’t named them so you get to do that.

Jilly was exposed to one of our registered Myotonic male last August and could have kids in January. Whoever buys her will get all the registry paperwork and instructions on how to register her offspring.

We’d like $700 for Jilly, her twins and potential newborns. We’re looking for good home with a pasture they can have to themselves. Contact Bobbie for more information and to arrange a visit.