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It is Hard to Have Them Go

Written by: Bobbie
August 18, 2015


Two little guys saying goodbye to Mom

Mini-Myotonic goats ready for their new home
The goal of having the cute little things is to send them off to new homes and make some money for the farm. However, I do struggle whenever they go. They had their bath and hooves trimmed. Then we put tags in their ears. Next we banded these two so they are now wethers….which means they are not bucks (boys) anymore.

The first time I needed to do this, our wonderful local veterinarian, Dr. Jordan came to help me so I’d know how. He brought along one of the young technicians. I held the goat and he slide the band on. The technician asked “Does that hurt him?” Dr. Jordan’s answer was “They tell me no, but it was a woman who said that!”