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Tennessee Fainting Goats

Tennessee Fainting GoatsTennessee Fainting Goats are named for their tendency to go stiff-legged when startled, sometimes to the extent that they fall over. This is a genetic trait due to what is known as a “myotonic gene.”

We started ranching with Tennessee Fainting Goats. Because they are a smaller breed, and because they are so vulnerable to surprises, they are easy to handle and less inclined to climb up on things and get out of the pasture. They are a parasite-resistant and productive breed which we raise and sell as registered stock or pets. You just can’t go wrong by choosing these gentle and affectionate animals as pets for your small farm or country property. They are intelligent and friendly and great with children. They have a lifespan of about twelve to fifteen years.

Zeus was one of the first sires at Golden Acres Ranch.The Tennessee Fainting Goat is a heritage goat that has been designated as an endangered species by the Livestock Breed Conservatory. Their extinction would be a great loss for the small rancher, so we really encourage registered breeding.

We’ve been keeping records of our breeding lines from the beginning and, through the International Fainting Goat Association, are starting to publish those records.

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Although their meat is tender and tasty, we don’t use these fainting goats for meat production.  We keep a commercial herd of mixed breed goats for our meat sales.

We are striving to produce a parasite resistant breeding group by combining Nubien, Boer, Kiko, Myotonic and now Spanish. Spanish goats have become harder to find since the Boer goat was brought into the United States from Africa. However, folks have discovered that the hardiness and parasite resistance of the Spanish is sorely needed to make the local, small-farm, goat production industry worthwhile.

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