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Saturday Crafting & Ranch Demos

Several Saturdays in the last couple months of 2021. Learn more >>>

Wool Skirting & Processing Workshop – PAST

Saturday March 21, 2020

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Annual Fall Farm Tours – PAST

The 2020 pandemic prevented us from joining the 13th North Florida & South Georgia Fall Farm Tour last October. Golden Acres Ranch is usually one of over 30 farms, ranches and producers who open their gates to the public during this weekend event. We’ll let you know about 2021!

Past Farm Tours

12th Annual Fall Farm Tour 2019

11th Annual Fall Farm Tour – post Hurricane Michael

11th Annual Fall Farm Tour 2018

10th Annual Fall Farm Tour 2017

9th Annual Farm Tour 2016

Mayhaw Berry Harvest Festivals – PAST

Mayhaw Berries on the Tree

We used to have a festival every year celebrating the harvest of our Mayhaw Berry trees. Besides fresh Mayhaw berries, we have jelly cooking classes, hayrides, a petting zoo, food samples, local vendors and artisans, and sometime music. Follow the link in the heading for this year’s details. Previous events can be found at the links below and we keep photos in our Gallery.

11th Annual Mayhaw Berry Harvest Festival 2017

10th Annual Mayhaw Berry Harvest Festival 2016

Mayhaw Berry Farm Festival 2015
Mayhaw Berry Farm Festival 2014
Mayhaw Berry Farm Festival 2013
Mayhaw Berry Harvest Festival 2012
Mayhaw Berry Harvest Festival 2011

We’ve been having these festivals since 2007 although we only have digital records since 2011. We always have hayrides. This photo is from 2009.

New Leaf Market Farm Tours – PAST

In 2016, New Leaf Market gave up the monumental task of organizing and marketing the North Florida and South Georgia Farm Tour, and Millstone Plantation took up the mantle.

New Leaf Co-Op Market

We are one of the original participants in the annual Regional Farm Tour put on by New Leaf Market in Tallahassee. This event takes place in the fall. You can be notified by signing up for our newsletter.

New Leaf Market Farm Tour 2015
New Leaf Market Farm Tour 2014
New Leaf Market Farm Tour 2014
New Leaf Market Farm Tour 2013
New Leaf Market Farm Tour 2012
New Leaf Market Farm Tour 2011

How to Build a Greenhouse for Under $100 – PAST

We presented this workshop to nearly 50 people in January 2012. Maybe we’ll do some more, but you can see the video on YouTube.

Meat Sheep Alliance of Florida – PAST

We hosted the 2012 Spring Gathering for the Meat Sheep Alliance of Florida on April 20, 21 and 22, 2012. It was the same weekend as the Monticello music festival, Southern Music Rising and anyone who wanted to learn about sheep was welcome.

Farm to Table Gourmet Dinner – PAST

We put on two, gourmet, Farm to Table Dinners in 2012 and 2013, in conjunction with the New Leaf Farm Tours. It was a great way to show off the finest in local, sustainably grown food and cooking. Too much work for us, with not enough return, though, so we stopped.

Farm to Table Gourmet Dinner 2013
Farm to Table Gourmet Dinner 2012