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If you are a Harvest Host member, please let us know you're coming.

Country Store

We are Making Changes to
What We Produce for Sale

Country Store at Golden Acres Ranch Florida

Our “roadside stand” is in the middle of the ranch. Contact Us to ask questions, place your order and make arrangements for pick up. We also sell our product in Tallahassee through the Red Hills Online Market.

We are no longer selling goat or sheep meat

We’ve sold the last of our Katahdin meat sheep and are starting to raise wool sheep for fiber products. We use the wool in our Fiber Festivals and classes, and various fiber hobbies.

We are no longer *stocking* the portable livestock hutches.

We are happy to work with a group who can order 12 hutches or more. The shipping costs and a recent price increases makes it too big a long-term investment for us. You can get on a waiting list. Learn more on our EZ Hutch Livestock Shelter page.

Wool & Fiber Products

We’re getting geared up to provide more felt critters, dryer balls & kits, and various stages of prepared wool. Come back to learn more, or sign up for our occasional Newsletters. See the form in the sidebar →

Homemade Jelly

Right now we have Mayhaw Berry Jelly and Blueberry jam. We are happy to ship our homemade jelly anywhere in the U.S. 

Farm Fresh Eggs

Farm fresh eggs are only available locally, of course. We run out quickly so when we have a surplus, we put signs out on the roads.

Ranch Supplies

We use and can recommend several ranch supply items. We are the local distributors for the following.