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Diatomaceous Earth

Diatom, fossilized algae that makes up diatomaceous eartWe sell food-grade diatomaceous earth here on the ranch.

Diatomaceous earth is made of fossilized algae with silicon-based shells. It is mined in only a few places on Earth; places where lakes or oceans used to be. The food-grade product comes from freshwater diatoms.

Also called “fossilized shell flour,” it has no shelf life and it can be used for so many things. Mostly people know it as an organic pest control. We use it as a natural ant control on the ranch. Sprinkling a little on the ant mounds relocates fire ants out of our paths and play areas. We don’t try to get rid of the ants; they are good partners in pest control, eating wasps and other undesirables.

You can brush some through the coats of your dogs to help with fleas, and spread it around the foundation of your house to control termites and yellow jackets.

The food-grade is especially useful on a farm or ranch because it won’t harm the chickens – or the grandkids! In fact the chickens know to dust themselves in it. We sprinkle it around in their roosts and even in their nests.

Livestock owners in this area put diatomaceous earth in the feed. It not only cleans the animals’ intestines, it passes through with the droppings and continue to help with pest control by killing fly. The Golden Blend Feed that we sell has diatomaceous earth as one of its regular ingredients.

Some people put a teaspoon of it in water or juice for digestive tract cleansing, too. Make sure you look for food-grade, which is what we sell. The saltwater product is processed and used for filtration in pools; it is not food-grade.

We stock 50-pound bags, which you can pick up here at the ranch. The cost is $50. We get deliveries every month. Contact us by email or call to place an order. We can take payments by PayPal for your convenience.