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Mini Myotonic Goats

Mini myotonic goat and chickens at Golden Acres RanchWe raise Mini-Myotonic goats and started our breeding program in 2011.  The Mini-Myotonic cannot be fully registered as such until it is three years of age.

Males must be less than 23 inches and females less than 22 inches at the withers. The photo to the left shows just how small these goats are.

My breeding stock has come from Rose Lane Farm out of Kentucky and Bedrock Meadows from Central Florida. Some of the adults are polled (born without horns) and some have blue eyes. Several have longer hair on their sides and are referred to as Silkies. The girls started having kids in November 2011.

The following images show some of our current breeding stock. All of these are registered as Premium Myotonic, which means I had to furnish “down photos,” photos showing that they are proven to “faint.” Anything I register has a five-generation history.

We will apply for the certification as “Mini-Myotonic” once they reach the age of three. My group of Mini’s are all smaller than the regular group and will be popular as pets.

Premium Myotonic goat Jan

Jan-April 23, 2010

Premium Myotonic Francine

Francine-January 31, 2010

Premium Myotonic Suzette

Rose Lane Farm's Suzette-March 25, 2010-Polled, blue-eyed

Premium Myotonic Itsy Bitsy

Itsy Bitsy-March 25, 2008

Premium Myotonic 148-Frederica

Frederica-February 5, 2010

Premium Myotonic Jewel

Bedrock's Jewel-February 16, 2010-Silkie, horned, brown-eyed

Premium Myotonic Marcy

Bedrock's Marcy-February 22, 2010-Horned, brown-eyed

Premium Myotonic Shaggy Two

Bedrock's Shaggy Two-male-March 22, 2009-Silkie, horned, brown-eyed