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Wool for Sale

Gulf Coast Native Sheep at Golden Acres Ranch

Our beautiful Gulf Coast Native Sheep are producing lots of wool for us – and for our friends in the region. As we have wool ready for use at various stages, we’ll be offering it here for sale.

The wool is from Registered Gulf Coast Sheep Breeders Association and processed by Pioneer Fiber Mill in New Smyrna Beach Florida.

Ladybug Farms

In addition to the wool below, Ladybug Farms has ram lambs for sale. You can see them in the photo above. Please contact us for availability.

Raw wool length
Raw wool length from Jennifer’s sheep ‘Precious’. Raw fleeces 15.00/lb
Roving from Ladybug Farms wool
Roving processed by Pioneer Fiber Mills. 4 oz muff is $30
Yarn processed by Pioneer Fiber Mill
100% Gulf Coast Native Wool yarn skeins. 4 oz skein is $35

Trelawn Farm

Michele Arceneaux from Trelawn farm has wool from her alpaca. Again, please contact us for prices and availability. Steve from Pioneer Fiber says Michele’s Alpaca wool is the finest he’s worked with.