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Lambs and Kids for 2013

Written by: Bobbie
January 4, 2013


Three lambs born Dec 2012   |   I’m here! 

“That’s me, Lizzie, in the front. I was born December 15, 2012 and now I’m big enough to teach the newbies what to do. There are plenty of ewes showing signs of bringing us more new friends. Actually, now there are five of us with two born New Year’s Day. We romp, play, eat, sleep and then pop awake to romp and play some more. I hear there are goat kids too over in another pasture.”

Now about those goat kids… Annabelle has twins, a boy and a girl. They are hiding from Mom. They are both in the pipe playing. She’s calling and they are ignoring her. Annabelle with twins in the pipe   |

Mandy has just one good looking boy. Melody had triplets. Two girls and one boy. The boy was born with his back feet turned under. I’m told they will straighten out on their own. I check every day and it seems he is walking better. It does worry me but my goat guru tells me it happens often, so I should stop worrying. Melody’s littlest girl got overwhelmed by the cold rain and now she is in the dining room being bottle fed. I had to “tube” her the first few times just to get her back to normal. Now she is sucking on a bottle. I’ll put her back out with momma once she fully recovers.

Gracie has one little girl that looks just like her.That’s Gracie with baby Glory peaking out of the barn. Click on that image for more photos of our new kids.

All of the kids had the same daddy. His name is Ramone and is a Spanish guy. So we are expecting the kids to be fast growing and hardy. They are so cute running and jumping around. We are excited to see all these healthy babies. We’ll happily show them off if you want to come visit sometime.

Click HERE for more photos and slideshow.