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Mini Myotonics for Sale

Written by: Bobbie
October 13, 2013


These cute little ones are for sale. We have six sweet little kids for sale, the mini-myotonic kind. Selling them is the reason I breed the stock, but oh how I hate to part with them.

There are four little girls and two little boys. All are registered and the parents are here on the farm for you to see. No they are not cheap. Like horses and dogs, the smaller they get, the more they cost.

They are over three months old now and ready to be separated from Mom. Cute as can be and great pets. Highly parasite-resistant and pretty tame. At least, they all come to me for a little bucket of feed. I think they love me! Oh no, it is really the treats they love.

Remember you can’t have just one goat. They are herd animals and need a companion. So plan on getting two or more unless you have other small goats for them to hang with. Lots of yelling and crying when they are by themselves.