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We are a small, family-run, artisan ranch in the panhandle of Florida. We raise sheep and goats, board pets, have Farm Tours and make jelly from the native Mayhaw trees on the property.

We raise Miniature Tennessee Fainting Goats  to sell to families for pets, weed control or breeding. We also raise wool sheep for fiber products. We maintain our herds and flocks at sustainable levels, and they are pasture-raised naturally, without pesticides or hormones, in a non-stressed environment.

Golden Acres Ranch is situated just north of the small town of Monticello on forty-three acres of pastures and grooves. It has a couple of swimming holes and one of the largest Mayhaw ponds in the region. We also grow blueberries to make Blueberry Jam and have recently added a Persimmon groove.

The ranch provides a beautiful venue for recreation, education, and the sale of food, art, and other natural products from nearby farms and craftspeople. We’re proud to be among the original participants of the Annual Regional Farm Tour. 

We board dogs and other family pets. We have a combination of indoor and outdoor facilities for all types and sizes. We especially love dogs and keep Great Pyrenees livestock guardian dogs on the property to protect the sheep and goats. They live outdoors with their flock, and every year or so we breed a female for puppies to sell.

And let’s not forget the chickens and ducks. Lots of semi-free ranging poultry provide us with eggs and entertainment. We have 20+ resident Guinea Fowl and sell keets in the Fall. Lately, we have peacocks!

We are the distributors for Golden Blend Products ( not our company ) who make various animal feeds, minerals and food grade diatomaceous earth. You can purchase these products and more through our “Country Store.”

We share lots of information about ranch life in the blog we call Farm News, so be sure to come back. you can email Bobbie Golden from the Contact Us page, or just pick up the phone and call or text 850-508-2607.