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Finally, They Are Arriving

Written by: Bobbie
June 28, 2013


Our miniature Tennessee Fainting Goats!

Daddy is Shaggy Two The first set of twins arrived early in the afternoon of June 27. Granddaughter Hanna and her friend El were exploring the farm and discovered the just born kids still yucky from their entrance into a new world.

The three of us maneuvered mom and kids into a safe spot in the barn later in the afternoon just before the rain. Each of the girls carried a kid, one boy and one girl, and I encouraged mom to follow. They have fresh hay, pellets and water. The twins were already cleaned and fed. They mewed a few times, nuzzled mom and then promptly hid under the manger to take a nap.

Their sire, Shaggy Two, is back out in the pasture with all his bachelor buddies and doesn’t even know or care for that matter. His sole concern in life is “When will she love me again?”