Harvest Hosts

Do you RV?

Join Harvest Hosts to spend a night here at Golden Acres Ranch or at hundreds of farms, wineries, even golf courses across the nation.

Here at Golden Acres, you can get a farm tour, feed the animals, hold baby goats and puppies when we have them, and buy local foods and unique, locally made gifts at the Country Store.

If you are a member and want to book your stay, fill in the form below

GPS will get you to our driveway. Turn in and drive 1/4 mile to the 1st, smaller building which is the Country Store. By then we will know you’re here and someone will come out the guide you. See a map of the area on our Visit Us page.

Please Note: We have no hookups available for sewer or water. So come empty and stocked, respectively.

Pets are welcome! Cats should stay indoors. If you have dogs, let’s be sure to introduce them to our free-range dogs the first time they come out on a leash. Depending on the current pasture availability, we may have a gated area your dogs can run around in.

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