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Mayhaw Berries for Sale

Mayhaw Berries drying on a rack at Golden Acres Ranch

We have a natural, 50-plus year old Mayhaw Berry Tree stand on our property. Every year in the weeks around Mother’s Day, the berries come ripe and we harvest all we can of this popular, regional fruit. After around 15 years of bountiful harvests, the berries disappeared. For the last four years, we’ve had no harvest, or there were so few berries we barely had enough to make our jelly.

This year, we’re experiencing a bumper crop! We’ve hired help and setup our cleaning and packaging system. And we have more than we can use.

We remove the big twigs, leaves and spiders 🙂 and package the berries in 1-gal bags. That’s around 4 lb. for jelly, bread and sauce.

Availability: Good

$40 / gal.

Call before you come. This is a very popular product.

Making jelly? You can see our process on our Jelly Making Videos page.

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Bobbie cleaning Mayhaw Berries