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Goats & Sheep

Woody and the goat kidsHumans have been raising sheep and goats as livestock for more than 9,000 years now. They have all the traits necessary for domestication: hardiness, a herding nature, the ability to breed well in captivity and a willingness to be around humans. They can adapt to different foods, be cared for by just a person and a dog, and they provide a variety of resources for humans such as food, clothing, soap and tools.

For a small, hands-on ranch like ourselves, they provide much more. The goats especially have an ability to communicate and respond that has surprised and delighted us. Just being around these gentle and gregarious animals is an antidote to the stress of city life. There’s nothing to compare with being charmed by a new born kid! And the lambs, too. They can be strong and stubborn, but also calm and gentle. It’s no wonder that a lamb is such a well-known metaphor for peace.

Here at Golden Acres Ranch, we cultivate and use many of the resources these animals have to offer. In the following pages, you will find information and access to all our products, everything we’ve learned and what we are still learning.

For more information and practical knowledge about our goats and sheep, follow these links to our Tennessee Fainting Goats, Mini-Myotonics or Katahdin Sheep pages. To shop for a pet or breeding stock, go to Livestock for Sale. You can buy our USDA-certified, goat and sheep meat in the Country Store. And you can learn how to cook these wholesome meats or share one of your favorite recipes with us on the Cooking & Recipes page.