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Farm News

Our Fainting Goats are listed on the Goat Kids for Sale page.

White Buck for Sale

This cute white goatling's for sale at Golden Acres Ranch
This little boy is all grown up. We named him Marco, and he’s for sale as of the date of this post. Take a look at him now on this page.

Goats and Kids Galore

We have twenty new kids prancing around the farm. Ten of these are the Miniature Tennessee Fainting Goat. Two little girls are going to their new home in Woodville. The others are from a breed we are developing for hardiness and parasite resistance. All doing splendidly. The fainting goat kids will be available for sale by mid-March. […]

The Year of the Girl!

That’s goat girls not people girls. We have sixteen new goat kids so far and only two are males. I’ve been told that nature knows when there are too many little males and gives us all females. Sounds like an “ole wives tale” to me but I’m happy. Mini Myotonics The photo on the left […]

It is Hard to Have Them Go

Two little guys saying goodbye to Mom The goal of having the cute little things is to send them off to new homes and make some money for the farm. However, I do struggle whenever they go. They had their bath and hooves trimmed. Then we put tags in their ears. Next we banded these […]

Mini-Myotonic Goats

More commonly known as Tennessee Fainting Goats. These are smaller than standard and will be registered. There have been five sets of twins born since February. So exciting! They are all just darling. Mostly girls and a number with bright blue eyes. Jewel’s two little girls were¬† born Saturday, April 4. There aren’t any photos […]

Tidbits and Thumbnails

Puppies Puppies are growing quickly and go for their 6-week check up in a few days. All have been spoken for but I know two other farmers that had Great Pyrenees and they have a few left of their litters. We will be putting all the pups out with adults to let them become accustomed […]

Lambs, Kids, Chicks and Puppies. . . . . . . .

. . . . . . wow, got these first words on paper. Now there is no stopping. So much to write about here at the farm. Lambs Lambs started arriving in January. Not as many this year as we would like but those out there are growing fast and furious. Next week we will […]

Mini Myotonics for Sale

We have six sweet little kids for sale, the mini-myotonic kind. Selling them is the reason I breed the stock, but oh how I hate to part with them. There are four little girls and two little boys. All are registered and the parents are here on the farm for you to see. No they […]

Golden Acres Ranch Walkabout

It is 85 degrees and still humid, and it has been a while since we’ve had a good rain. The pastures are crunchy under my step. I remember just a short time ago grumbling about too much rain. The sheep and goat are all better now that the parasite issue is behind us. Wow, was […]

Miniature Myotonic Kids

Pardon my bragging but four girls and two boys have arrived. Six beautiful kids so far. The white guy looks like a bunny rabbit hopping around the yard. All are full bred and both parents meet miniature standards. The parents are registered with the International Fainting Goat Association and the kids will be also. The […]