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Mini-Myotonic Goats

Written by: Bobbie
April 9, 2015


JanetteMarie's twins hiding in a pipe.More commonly known as Tennessee Fainting Goats. These are smaller than standard and will be registered.

There have been five sets of twins born since February. So exciting! They are all just darling. Mostly girls and a number with bright blue eyes. Jewel’s two little girls were¬† born Saturday, April 4. There aren’t any photos yet. She keeps the babies hidden right now. They will all be up and running about and a big hit in the petting place during the Mayhaw Festival.

These are goats from miniature adult does (mammas) measuring under 22 inches. The miniature buck this year is from Kentucky and has done his job well. He is quite a proud poppa. All the babies are beautiful and healthy. They’ll be ready for new homes in May.

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