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Miniature Myotonic Kids

Written by: Bobbie
July 23, 2013


Pardon my bragging but four girls and two boys have arrived. Six beautiful kids so far. The white guy looks like a bunny rabbit hopping around the yard. All are full bred and both parents meet miniature standards. The parents are registered with the International Fainting Goat Association and the kids will be also.

The first two are of Frederica. She had just given birth and within a few minutes the little girl was trying out her legs. The third is of Jewel and her girl. Then there is Francine and another girl. Jan a polled (no horns) doe produced this all white blue-eyed boy. He will have horns just like his dad. The last two are the twins belonging to Babbett. They are the oldest born June 27. A girl with a heart on her nose and the handsome spotted boy.

Just born and mom is doing her job. First time to stand upJewel's girl just a few hours old.A new girl just nursing.2013-07-11 Jan's Big BoyI'm a blue-eyed charmerBabbett's twin girlLots of spots