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Farm News

Our Fainting Goats are listed on the Goat Kids for Sale page.

Ranchers Journal – Thursday August 17, 2017

Got started late and stayed out longer than I expected to. So this will be brief – or at least that’s the plan. Once I get to ‘talking,’ I find I have lots to say! One of the things I did this morning was to make an extra trip to check minerals. The goats need […]

Ranchers Journal – Wednesday August 16, 2017

Highlights Got started when I wanted to this morning, about 7:30 AM. First the keets. Yes, we will have Guinea Hen keets for the Fall Farm Tour this year. Bobbie was able to find and hatch seven of them, which are doing fine in our brooder. They are the standard gray/brown breed that we have […]

I’m Famous!

Son Phil in Balch Springs, Texas was listening to PBS in the background while reading the paper one fine Sunday morning last August. He heard them say something about Florida Food Safety and looked up to see a glance of his “Mom” holding a chicken having its throat swabbed by Jennifer Jennings-Glover, Poultry Program Manager […]

Turkens or Naked Neck Chickens

SOLD I don’t usually start an article with a link but it is a lot easier than rewriting the information by Wikipedia, and they give such a good description. We have 25 hens and 1 rooster of this breed. First time visitors often exclaim that there is a hurt chicken. We point out that we […]

Tidbits and Thumbnails

Puppies Puppies are growing quickly and go for their 6-week check up in a few days. All have been spoken for but I know two other farmers that had Great Pyrenees and they have a few left of their litters. We will be putting all the pups out with adults to let them become accustomed […]

Golden Acres Ranch Walkabout

It is 85 degrees and still humid, and it has been a while since we’ve had a good rain. The pastures are crunchy under my step. I remember just a short time ago grumbling about too much rain. The sheep and goat are all better now that the parasite issue is behind us. Wow, was […]

The Chicken or The Egg?

Well it is prolific egg-laying and chick-hatching time. There are two hens sitting on big piles of eggs they are nurturing. I’ve confiscated a few odds and ends here and there to put in the incubator right along with nine peafowl eggs I’m trying to hatch for a friend. Recently daughter Marcia brought me the […]

This and That

Cute baby goats and other fun things. One set of our Nubian triplets has found a new home. A family with human triplets wanted Lacey’s triplets. Both sets – human and goat – were two girls and a boy. Queenie’s set of three is still here along with Princess Isabella’s set of twin girls. I […]

Eggs-Eggs-Eggs and Other Tidbits

The roosters are crowing and the hens are producing. Way last summer we bought our annual pullet (female chicks) inventory. Fifty to be exact. It was a mixture of Rhode Island Reds and Buff Orpingtons. The company sends us an “exotic” free of charge which always turns out to be a rooster. I also let […]

Ernie Our Newest Mascot

One spoiled goat and some other critters. Here is the latest baby at our farm. He is a fainting goat and actually came from a friend’s momma goat that had triplets. Ernie wasn’t getting his fair share of milk so he is now with us. He was born November 19 and we picked him up […]