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Ernie Our Newest Mascot

Written by: Bobbie
December 6, 2012


One spoiled goat and some other critters.

Ernie Sims the Goat  |   Here is the latest baby at our farm. He is a fainting goat and actually came from a friend’s momma goat that had triplets. Ernie wasn’t getting his fair share of milk so he is now with us. He was born November 19 and we picked him up on November 23.¬†Grandchildren were here for the weekend so he got lots of hugging and cuddling. It didn’t take him long to figure out this was going to be the good life.

Now how did we come up with that name? Well we know Ernie Sims and we were watching for him when the Dallas Cowboys played that weekend. I had told the grandkids they could help name him but we were having none of those “boopsie boodles” or “snuggie wuggem” type names. I wanted a manly name for this guy and they all decided it would be Ernie. And so it is.

We keep him in a pen with Gracie our Great Pyrenees so he won’t be running around the farm all day. He is little and can get through all the pasture fences and gates. We kept finding him at the back door trying to come into the house. Folks ask if we could house train him. I offer to let them do that for me and so far no takers. Meanwhile, he has a friend in Gracie and sleeps in the dog shelter.

Gracie and Ernie   |    Do we have any other kids or lambs yet? Nope still waiting. You will see lots of photos when it does happen.

We do have a group of new white hens. We just got them from a friend. They were laying steadily but stopped about a week ago. Eighty laying hens running around the farm and we are getting about four eggs a day right now. Molting and getting new feathers to keep them warm during this upcoming cold winter.

How do I know it is going to be cold? The light Brahma hens have feathered feet. This last month they have developed a heavy layering of feathers. These critters know what they’re doing. The mayhaws need the cold and it kills the parasites, ticks and fleas so you won’t hear us complaining. Now if we could just get a normal rainfall.

Siggy has a girlfriend right now. Her name is Sugar but she is giving Siggy the cold shoulder. Hopefully she’ll change her mind over the next few days. At least, she has stopped growling at him. Guys always hate it when the girls snarl…and he is being so polite. We get a pup if something does come about. We’ll be sending our India off to a friend soon. She has turned out to be such a good guardian dog that we want to pass along those genes. India is the product of Gracie and Siggy. Fortunately for us, India inherited Siggy’s disposition and guardian traits and not Gracie’s.