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This and That

Written by: Bobbie
April 18, 2013


Cute baby goats and other fun things.

Bottle feeding goat tripletsOne set of our Nubian triplets has found a new home. A family with human triplets wanted Lacey’s triplets. Both sets – human and goat – were two girls and a boy. Queenie’s set of three is still here along with Princess Isabella’s set of twin girls. I am milking Lacey everyday now and Queenie once a day.┬áThe boy was really growing fast and he’s been weaned, much to his distress. Wow, can they yell loud when they want back with their mom.

Anyway, I have this little contraption to help me milk. It’s a Mason jar with tubes in the lid and a hand pump with a gauge. We (that’s me) clean the udder then hold the tube on the teat and pump away. The milk just come pouring out. Clever little thing. Maybe I’ll do a demonstration during the Mayhaw festival.

I think I shared with you before that we ended up for one reason or another having to bottle feed various little ones. That can be difficult when there are more than two at a time. Let me tell you, they are not patient little kids and don’t believe in sharing. I came up with a variety of methods. At first it is four times a day, then three and now two with weaning soon in sight. It is so much fun to mess with them that I probably bottle feed them longer than necessary. They will be part of the Petting Place during the Mayhaw Festival.

Oh yeah, one hen is setting on about eighteen eggs which are due to hatch around April 21, just a few more days. They will be out so everyone can see them but momma hen will be very protective so they can’t be held.

When Fred went to get the eggs tonight, guess what he found in the hen house. Yup, it is snake time again. This one was pretty big and had an egg in its gullet. I’ve stopped reaching into nests without looking but Fred hasn’t. We got the snake picker-uppers and put it in a bag to transport to a remote part of the property. Now I’ll really have to watch closely when the chicks hatch. All that peep, peep, peep really draws them to the nest area.

Backyard Poultry Production Workshop

We wrote about this last week and I hope you marked it on your calendar. It is this weekend at the new Jefferson County Extension Agency location from 10:00 to 2:00. Great hands on class if you’d like a few hens in your own backyard. Email me if you need more details.

Southern Music Rising

The 6th Annual Southern Music Rising Festival April 1920, 2013. A major Monticello community event. Starts Friday night and goes all day Saturday. We’d love to see you there.