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Turkens or Naked Neck Chickens

Written by: Bobbie
April 8, 2015


Naked Neck Chicken

I don’t usually start an article with a link but it is a lot easier than rewriting the information by Wikipedia, and they give such a good description. We have 25 hens and 1 rooster of this breed. First time visitors often exclaim that there is a hurt chicken. We point out that we have a bunch of them and they are really healthy and great conversation starters.

These are calm birds that are prolific egg layers and for a long time. I had one from several years ago that produce an egg on a regular basis until she was over three years old. Their egg is longer than most so it is easy to identify. Just in case you didn’t get the link open, they are not a cross between a chicken and turkey. We don’t know why they developed the breed. Maybe it was easier to aim the ax?

Another one of the fun things you’ll see here on the farm during the Mayhaw Festival.