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Farm News

Our Fainting Goats are listed on the Goat Kids for Sale page.

Have I told you about the Loom?

Something New in the Country Store Since I don’t have anything to keep me busy… ha! I’m learning to use a loom. My goal is to have something meaningful to show during the upcoming New Leaf Market Farm Tour. We have all this wool that has been carded and some spun so now I’m working […]

Tidbits and Thumbnails

Puppies Puppies are growing quickly and go for their 6-week check up in a few days. All have been spoken for but I know two other farmers that had Great Pyrenees and they have a few left of their litters. We will be putting all the pups out with adults to let them become accustomed […]

What’s happen’ on the farm?

Or the Joy of Owning Sheep & Goats Rye Grass for the Goats Our local Extension Agent, Jed Dillard, has been urging me to overseed pastures for several years. I finally listened and gave it a try last November. It has been a cool and wet time since spreading the seed but I did exactly […]

Lambs, Kids, Chicks and Puppies. . . . . . . .

. . . . . . wow, got these first words on paper. Now there is no stopping. So much to write about here at the farm. Lambs Lambs started arriving in January. Not as many this year as we would like but those out there are growing fast and furious. Next week we will […]

Golden Acres Ranch Walkabout

It is 85 degrees and still humid, and it has been a while since we’ve had a good rain. The pastures are crunchy under my step. I remember just a short time ago grumbling about too much rain. The sheep and goat are all better now that the parasite issue is behind us. Wow, was […]

Weather, Lambs, Kids and Other Stuff

How warm is it? You know it is too warm for January when grass is sprouting in the trailer crevices from the seeds dropped out of the last load of hay. We’re watching and worrying about all this warm winter weather. The sporadic rain has been welcome but if the temperatures continue don’t expect to […]

Lambs and Kids for 2013

I’m here!  “That’s me, Lizzie, in the front. I was born December 15, 2012 and now I’m big enough to teach the newbies what to do. There are plenty of ewes showing signs of bringing us more new friends. Actually, now there are five of us with two born New Year’s Day. We romp, play, […]

Live Lamb Sale August 18 & 19

Saturday, August 18, 2012 Sunday, August 19, 2012 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM Golden Acres Ranch will have a lamb sale August 18 and 19 at Johnston’s Meat Market in Monticello. We’re taking all the lambs over to Johnston’s pasture that weekend. The lambs were all born since January, raised in grass pastures and weigh […]

Lambs for Sale

Forty-five lambs have been born here since January 10! We are about split with male to female ratio. These are Katahdin and Florida Native mix and are available for pets or meat. We breed for parasite resistance and don’t use chemicals or force feed for growth. They’re only around two months old now so they’ll […]

What’s Been Happening at Golden Acres

Just a while back I wrote about a couple of blips in the road. My knee surgery went well but the rehab didn’t so I had a second procedure done about two weeks ago. Things are progressing, but slowly and I’m tired of it all. Now you can just imagine how tiring it has been […]