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Have I told you about the Loom?

Written by: Bobbie
August 18, 2015


Something New in the Country Store

Loom with Post-It Notes
Since I don’t have anything to keep me busy… ha! I’m learning to use a loom. My goal is to have something meaningful to show during the upcoming New Leaf Market Farm Tour.

We have all this wool that has been carded and some spun so now I’m working on projects to actually use the stuff. Knitting, crocheting and needle felting are still in the picture, but there is so much wool to be used. Fun! Fun! Fun!

The loom belongs to a friend that needed to move it out of a room. She got it from a friend several years ago with all good intentions, of course. She made her own Warping Board to measure the yarn for weaving projects, but never got to the warping and weaving part. Now here it is at the farm.

I have already had a lesson from friend and expert weaver Alice Cappa. She guided me to a supplier in Thomasville, Georgia who helped me get the right Heddle Hook for pulling warp threads. Now those italicized words are new to me. I want to tell you this weaving has a language all its own. The loom is covered with orange Post-It Notes with the names of all the parts. Click on the image to see a few more photos.

Stayed tuned for the next newsletter and hopefully there will be a project on the loom. I did “buy” some cheap yarn for the learning process.