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What’s Been Happening at Golden Acres

Written by: Bobbie
March 15, 2012


Fred Golden driving gator   |   Just a while back I wrote about a couple of blips in the road. My knee surgery went well but the rehab didn’t so I had a second procedure done about two weeks ago. Things are progressing, but slowly and I’m tired of it all.

Now you can just imagine how tiring it has been for Fred. He stepped up to the plate and has done everything for me, including cooking meals, laundry (he can even fold a fitted sheet now), feeding all the animals, gathering eggs, keeping count of lambs and goats being born and on, and on and on. There are too many things to remember  but he did them all.

Several of our children came and helped out too. I can tell you it was and is all appreciated. I can drive the Gator, our ATV, and help with feeding chores now.

Sheep watching ElmerThis morning Elmer our sheep shearer and hoof trimmer came to the ranch and did the annual animal housekeeping on the ewes and lambs. Eight of the adults needed to be sheared, they and all the rest have new shoes.

Pablo helps handle the sheep and I keep the records. It took us about three hours for 30 plus animals which included weaning some little lambs. That’s about three days of them crying for momma. Mom doesn’t holler much. She is tired of it. We have the same job to do at our other flock that is in Madison. Elmer will call me as he travels back up from South Florida and we’ll get them done.

Francine's First Newborn Kid   |   A few of our mini-fainting goats delivered kids in the last six weeks also. There are three that still have not delivered. All the kids that have been sold will be going to new homes about the first of April.

The sires and dams are all under 21 inches and the kids are really small and should stay that way although they can keep growing until they are three years old.  Most folks like the smaller goat for a pet and we are trying to increase our herd to fill that market. It is hard to part with them since they are so cute.