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Our Fainting Goats are listed on the Goat Kids for Sale page.

Call for Participants Mayhaw Berry Festival

Are you a local Crafts Person, Agricultural Producer, Business or Musician? Do you have an Ag-related, Nature, Community or Craft class you’d like to schedule during the Festival? Do you want to Volunteer? We would love to have you! Arts & Crafts, Ag Producers, Local Businesses and Civic Organizations We have an average of 500 […]

Learn Ranching by Volunteering

We’ve now been in the farming/ranching business for 15 years. I don’t count the first year we bought the place. That was mostly cleaning the property and getting our sea legs or should I say our “critter” legs. Those of you that have been acquainted with us all this time know we started with Tennessee […]

Persimmon Trees in the Orchard

Last fall we planted 12 Fuju Persimmon Trees, a non-astringent type, in the back easement. Then we decided to set aside five acres of a back pasture and turn it into a full orchard. This spring we planted 14 Mayhaw Trees (No they don’t have to be in water). This week 49 more Persimmon Trees […]

EZ A-Frame Hutches

Those that have been here before have seen the EZ A-Frame Hutches we keep in the pastures. We have them available particularly for the goats. They hate to get wet. They are also nice for the dogs both in the pastures and particularly in the kennel yards for boarding dogs. They are light color so […]

Fire Ants are Beneficial?

We are beginning to see mounds of fire ants now that Spring is coming. Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is our safe and environmentally friendly way of balance the benefits with human comfort. This link Fire Ants is informative and fun to read. Yes there are benefits to the little (fill in the blank) critters. Here are […]

Guineas and Keets

Each morning we are greeted with guineas lined up in rows on the ramp bannisters. Looks like someone called a meeting. Why do we have this unusual flock of birds? They are the ultimate tick repellent that’s why. They eat a good portion of there own body weight each day in insects. Which helps keep […]

Mayhaw Festival Dates Set

Saturday – May 4- 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM Sunday – May 5 – 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM   The four days of rain filled the Mayhaw Pond. The frogs were so happy. It sounded like a buzz saw running when I went outdoors at night. We did worry about the last cold spell […]

Take a Deep Breath!

What a wonderful time we all had during the Farm Tour weekend and Farm to Table Dinner! I just can’t begin to tell you how busy we were and how much fun it all was. Hayrides started early and ran late. Actually, they ran all day long and wore out the tractor, but the innovative […]

The Environmentalist in Us!

The clever piece that follows is copied from one of those perpetually forwarded emails we all receive. I received it from a friend and the next day our newspaper published a column that talked about how to cut down on your taxes and other expenses by using the lawn and leaf waste on your own […]

Using the Greenhouse We Built for Tomatoes

Remember that Greenhouse we built for under $100? Well we took the plastic off for the summer and we have it setup with our tomato plants climbing up the ribs. We put a number of plants in the middle with regular tomato cages and added some net at one end for the cucumbers to climb. […]