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Using the Greenhouse We Built for Tomatoes

Written by: Bobbie
April 3, 2012


Greenhouse Tomatoes   |   Remember that Greenhouse we built for under $100? Well we took the plastic off for the summer and we have it setup with our tomato plants climbing up the ribs. We put a number of plants in the middle with regular tomato cages and added some net at one end for the cucumbers to climb. The sprinkler is set in the middle and we turn it on about every other day when it’s not raining. Nothing stands idly by at this place.

We will put it back to it’s intended use next winter. That is to protect plants and some young trees from the cold.  At least, I hope we have a normal winter next year. Certainly didn’t deal with much cold this last year. That may seem nice but a warm winter means fleas, mosquitoes, flies and parasites thrive. None of these are good for us or our animals. So I’m cheering for lots of normal cold weather and the need for the greenhouse we built.

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