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Take a Deep Breath!

Written by: Bobbie
November 15, 2012


Getting ready for the Farm Tour 2012What a wonderful time we all had during the Farm Tour weekend and Farm to Table Dinner! I just can’t begin to tell you how busy we were and how much fun it all was.

Hayrides started early and ran late. Actually, they ran all day long and wore out the tractor, but the innovative farm crew (that would be Fred, Phil, Ken and driver son Chuck)  jumped right to it and hitched up the truck. It was a much quieter ride and maybe less bumpy but still fun for all.

Chuck dutifully drives every year for the two days. (Fred said he would have to reduce his pay since he was riding in air-conditioning.) Phil, Ken and grandson’s Wes and Colter handle the narrative from the back of the trailer.

All are great at telling the stories, although they tell falsehoods about me. You know stuff like “How scary Mom is so you better not scare her fainting goats.” 🙂  Actually, they all know a lot about the sheep, goats, mayhaws and all the other things that happen on the ranch making the tour informative and fun.

“Bob” from Painted Pony came with ponies for a short time Saturday and Sunday afternoon. This was a first for them. We made contact late so she wasn’t available all day. Maybe next year we can plan a little better and the ride will be here all weekend. The ride was set up in one of the pastures. Granddaughter’s Anna and Hanna helped guide the ponies and maybe got in a ride themselves too.

We have so many families visiting and it is such a treat for the children. They’ve always settled for swinging on our Phoney Pony and lined up for that. You should have seen the excitement when they saw the real thing.

Most of our photos this year are of the quiet times with family members getting ready. Click on the photo above to see more.

How was the dinner?

Luscious Salad Farm to Table Dinner 2012  Excellent, fun, tasty, delightful…..please someone help me with more adjectives! The Farm to Table Gourmet Dinner met all  expectations. I knew that for sure when the help (family and friends) started suggesting to me all the ways to perfect it for “the next one.” Quarterly?  I don’t think so. Annually for sure.

Everyone involved came through. Audrey and family came to lead the charge and a great job they did. There were so many folks working in the background all day long preparing – Marcia, Don, Anna, Rissa, Valerie, Hanna, Ken, Colter, Fran, Phil, Wes, Chuck and, of course, Fred.  Who are all these people? Children, in-laws, grandchildren and husband. Whether it was putting up tents, setting tables or cleaning up afterwards, they all made it a successful event.

Click on the photo of the salad to see lots more in the Photo Gallery.