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Call for Participants Mayhaw Berry Festival

Written by: Christine
April 3, 2018


12th Annual Mayhaw Berry Harvest Festival at Golden Acres Ranch Florida

Are you a local Crafts Person, Agricultural Producer, Business or Musician? Do you have an Ag-related, Nature, Community or Craft class you’d like to schedule during the Festival? Do you want to Volunteer?

We would love to have you!

Calling for Participants to the 12th Annual Mayhaw Berry Harvest Festival

Arts & Crafts, Ag Producers, Local Businesses and Civic Organizations

We have an average of 500 people over the two days. More every year as we get better at marketing!

We charge $20 if you want to sell your products at the Mayhaw Festival. Or, talk to us about sponsorship services, like scheduling a class or volunteering during the week before the Festival in exchange for the fee.

Non-Profits and Civic Organizations are free to participate.

Pick your spot and come and go when you want. First come, first serve starting Friday afternoon.

If this is your first time here, talk to Bobbie or Christine about what you want to sell. We’re looking for local folks and hand-crafted or locally raised products.

Food Vendors

We are looking for licensed food vendors or fundraising organizations to provide our guests with lunch foods and drinks. Please Contact Us if you or anyone you know can help.


We want to make this a welcome place for musicians. You can join us by the bonfire Friday night. Saturday and/or Sunday, gather on the big porch or pick a spot under a shady tree.

We’re looking for acoustic bluegrass, country, easy rock or gospel sounds. Classical? Sure, why not.

We can’t pay you, but we can promote your group or music on our social media before and after the Festival. On Saturday and Sunday we can take videos for you to have. And we’ll feed you on Saturday and/or Sunday if you hang around for a while.

And of course, set out your guitar case for tips, sell your CDs and any farm products you have.


We need help cleaning up the ranch in the week before the Festival and helping out during the Festival.

During the Festival, we need help staffing the feed booth, petting areas and livestock areas, being a greeter and counter, drying berries, giving out jelly samples, directing cars… all kinds of things.

There’s lots of excitement in a beautiful environment. You’ll learn about the farm and agritourism first-hand and get to talk to people from near and far. Contact Us to lend a hand, and tell your friends! Thank you.