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Farm News

Our Fainting Goats are listed on the Goat Kids for Sale page.

Male Goat Named Angus

This black and white goat has cow colors!
 Born: 3/22/2019  on Golden Acres Ranch Dam: Janette Marie Sire: Reeder Ranch Chong  He is mostly black but has a white face. Angus is the lucky 2020 Sire for the Mini-Myotonic Goats due in March 2020.

Good Time To Plant Mayhaw Berry Trees

Mayhw Berry Trees in the pond
It’s winter and the Mayhaw Berry trees have gone dormant. So now is a good time to plant root stock. We have Mayhaw Trees, in various sizes and varieties for sale here at the ranch. From 4-gal, grafted to 1-gal seedlings, you’ll be able to start these beautiful landscape trees on your property. Drought-Tolerant, Native […]

Millstone Plantation in Tallahassee

Millstone Plantation House
The Millstone Institute for Preservation, on Lake McBride near Tallahassee, is a property that has been set aside for the benefit and education of the people of Florida. Over the years the Institute has held a wide variety of cultural events including literary readings, theatrical and musical performances, antique tours, film screenings, the Fall Weavers […]

Storm in Sympathy with Texas

Last night we had a such a violent storm, I felt it was in sympathy with Texas. The lightning, especially in my second story bedroom, was blinding and constant. Between the thunder and lightning Bailey wouldn’t even stay upstairs with me. The power went out of course. It turned out to be from one of […]

Ranchers Journal – Thursday August 17, 2017

Got started late and stayed out longer than I expected to. So this will be brief – or at least that’s the plan. Once I get to ‘talking,’ I find I have lots to say! One of the things I did this morning was to make an extra trip to check minerals. The goats need […]

Watering the Chickens

Chickens I went out to feed the chickens first this morning. They had enough feed still, but all the water canisters were ready to be filled. Since I’d been seeing some runny poops (we’re very ‘poop-centric’ here), I decided to add some apple cider vinegar to each. Just a quarter cup or so. Vinegar is […]


Honey had a litter of fluffy, healthy pups on March 18th.  They’re are all sold but one, a male. Here’s a photo from just this morning. India (Honey’s mom) had a litter yesterday! It looks like she’s had five, but we are leaving her alone (except for food and water) for the first week. She’s […]

Morning Chores

Hi all. This is Christine. I’ve been here a year now, and I’m finally in a position to do more ranch work. I’ve been feeding the animals in the mornings and taking care of the chicks. It’s hard to take photos and feed the animals at the same time, but I’ll do my best. Here’s […]

Chick Brooders Before and After

It’s good to know how to improvise what’s needed. Remember the makeshift chick brooder we’ve been using for the guinea chicks? A free-standing tub in a back porch, a heat lamp and thermometer. Messy, smelly and inconsistent temperatures, but it worked well enough for the guineas. Well, now that we know we can, we decided […]

The Life of a Mayhaw Pond

September 12, 2016 For those of you who were following the Berry Barometer leading up to our Mayhaw Berry Harvest Festival last May, I thought an update would be in order. Especially since our natural Mayhaw Berry tree stand goes through such radical changes through the year. Here’s a recent video. The whole seasonal series […]