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Watering the Chickens

Written by: Christine
June 4, 2017



I went out to feed the chickens first this morning. They had enough feed still, but all the water canisters were ready to be filled. Since I’d been seeing some runny poops (we’re very ‘poop-centric’ here), I decided to add some apple cider vinegar to each. Just a quarter cup or so. Vinegar is natural product that helps with parasites and those little funny things that upset the balance of health. We’ve have never used a chemical product with our hens. Even the feed we use is non-GMO.

This chicken yard hasn’t been set up very long, just a month, maybe, yet it looks depleted already. This is the first time we’ve had so many chickens at once, so even though we made this yard bigger than before, it’s time to move it to a fresh spot.

Many of the youngest hens are not laying yet, and the hope is they will start as the older girls molt in July. When hens molt (a time of rejuvenation) or brood (sit on eggs) they don’t lay eggs. People are often surprised and asking “What’s wrong with my chickens?” Most folks think there are unlimited eggs available but our regular customers know that’s not the case. Another time when hens don’t lay is in winter. We’ll still nurture the chickens all winter by providing a non-GMO feed even though they are not laying eggs.

Family Visit

Ken and family will be coming out today. They come out for dinner on Sunday nights quite often. We’re going to put the men to work with a couple heavy-duty tasks. After dinner, we usually play Euchre, a game popular in Ohio and Michigan.

I set up a ‘new’ desktop computer for Dad, and re-arranged all the wiring on and behind his desk. It’s a heavy L-shaped desk that needs to be re-aligned, so I’m going to ask the guys to help me put new casters under it while we’re at it.

In case any of you are reacting with horror that I would be messing up Dad’s work station, please know I am super-sensitive about putting things he works with right back where I found them. I checked in with him this morning, and he’s not cussing at me yet! 🙂

Gator with old zipline tangled on the top.

Mom needs the guys to remove a forgotten zipline kit she ‘collected’ with the Gator yesterday. Apparently it was set up on the ranch years ago, and since forgotten about.

The Gator is a diesel 4X4 ATV that we use to cart feed, collect fallen branches and sometimes to take guests around the farm for a tour. They have to have their farm clothes on for this venture. The Gator is the ranch all around mule team. It is heavy duty, noisy and has many duties.

The old zipline on the roof is definitely adding an unfamiliar vibration to the already complex noises of the Gator.