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Written by: Christine
April 20, 2017


Honey's puppies at Golden Acres RanchHoney had a litter of fluffy, healthy pups on March 18th.  They’re are all sold but one, a male. Here’s a photo from just this morning.

India (Honey’s mom) had a litter yesterday! It looks like she’s had five, but we are leaving her alone (except for food and water) for the first week. She’s nested under the porch so it’s not too hard to visit her.

These are Great Pyrenees, so remember, they are livestock dogs, not house pets. It’s tempting, as a novice owner, to let them them jump up on you and climb into your lap. Discourage this from an early age, though. It’s really hard to train them out of it when they are over 100 pounds!

Great Pyrenees are pretty easy going and human friendly, but they are not people-pleasers, like my chocolate lab for example. They live out in the pastures with our goats and are used to entertaining themselves. They don’t herd the goats, just hang around and protect them from intruders.

If this sounds like the kind of dog you want for your ranch, you can buy them from us. Send an email saying when you want to come out and select one. We’ll put a collar on the one you select.

We follow all the recommended veterinary procedures with the pups and get them certified to go at about 8 weeks old.

We try to show them off on Instagram, which posts to Facebook, too. So follow us on those platforms to see our most current images.