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Farm News

Our Fainting Goats are listed on the Goat Kids for Sale page.

Watering the Chickens

Chickens I went out to feed the chickens first this morning. They had enough feed still, but all the water canisters were ready to be filled. Since I’d been seeing some runny poops (we’re very ‘poop-centric’ here), I decided to add some apple cider vinegar to each. Just a quarter cup or so. Vinegar is […]

Golden Acres 2016 – Changes & Announcements

Lots of changes and plans are happening for Golden Acres 2016. Our New Farm Hand Our daughter, Christine, will be coming from California to help work the farm. She is the one that does all the computer work and is great at organizing. It is one thing to keep the animals fed and healthy but […]

New Ranch Hand

Life on the Ranch – and mine – is about to change! Hi Everyone, This is Christine Golden, Bobbie and Fred’s daughter, website manager and soon to be novice Ranch Hand. On February 1st, I will be driving from California with my dog, Bailey, my new Jeep, and a small U-Haul trailer to join my […]

I’m Famous!

Son Phil in Balch Springs, Texas was listening to PBS in the background while reading the paper one fine Sunday morning last August. He heard them say something about Florida Food Safety and looked up to see a glance of his “Mom” holding a chicken having its throat swabbed by Jennifer Jennings-Glover, Poultry Program Manager […]

Bragging Time – New Family Business

Well! Okay! Fred always cringes when I utter those two words. Is it a new project coming? Not this time. It is bragging time. Son Ken and daughter-in-law Valerie have opened a new business. C (Cell) P (Phone) R (Repair) in Tallahassee, and guess what they do there. Cell Phone Repair! It is located at […]

It has been a Month

. . . . . since I sat down to write and so much has happened. First I had to get the laptop debugged. D#%@ those viruses. Fortunately, I caught mine early and had it tuned up in one day. We are on satellite and limited to downloading time so we are upgrading that this […]

Weather, Lambs, Kids and Other Stuff

How warm is it? You know it is too warm for January when grass is sprouting in the trailer crevices from the seeds dropped out of the last load of hay. We’re watching and worrying about all this warm winter weather. The sporadic rain has been welcome but if the temperatures continue don’t expect to […]

What’s Been Going on at The Farm?

Well, it has been an interesting month since I last wrote. Busy! A cold! These are just two of the excuses. My knee is getting better all the time. I’m no longer in the pain that started this whole episode, however, I’m still not walking as well as I should be. My therapist, Dr. Russo, […]

Family Stories: 2012 Forgotten Coast Bike (De)Tour

Brother Ken has contributed one of his writings to the website under Family Stories. This is not your regular travel article. His time as the 2012 Tour Director of Bike Florida has given him lots of great adventures. You can see Ken on YouTube.