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Golden Acres 2016 – Changes & Announcements

Written by: Bobbie
January 3, 2016


Lots of changes and plans are happening for Golden Acres 2016.

Our New Farm Hand

Our daughter, Christine, will be coming from California to help work the farm. She is the one that does all the computer work and is great at organizing. It is one thing to keep the animals fed and healthy but another to keep track of all the detail that goes with it. I’m looking forward to her support with the nitty-gritty part of the business.

She commented that she didn’t know much about catching chickens. I told her that is not a problem. We are always saying to our granddaughter “Mimi, put that chicken down!”  Mimi can be designated the official chicken catcher.

The Felt Ornaments

We had a great time making them and had several outlets. All of which were really successful. Red Hills Online Market had a “Producer Makers Market” of specialty items made for holidays. Then there was the local consignment shop Two Sisters New Beginnings. They both did a great job of selling for us. Now we are going to try some things for Valentine’s Day.

Mayhaw Trees

All this rain and warm weather is creating havoc with our trees. I looked out this morning and they are all sprouting leaves. Cold weather is coming – or more like a little cold spell. It won’t get down to freezing this time, and maybe the blossoms won’t be out by then, but it’s got to be confusing the growing cycle. It is not only our fruit, but every fruit tree that normally grows in South Georgia and North Florida will be affected. What a strange and difficult year so don’t be surprised if the fruits you are used to seeing are not available.

Naked Ewe opens in Monticello, Florida

Naked Ewe
Naked Ewe, Ewe-nique Gifts, Accessories & Yarn features great gifts for everyone. The common theme is “made from fiber,” whether it be a crocheted rug or a knitted baby sweater.

These original, one-of-a-kind gifts are hand-made, hand-stitched, and hand-crafted with love. You’ll find knitted and crocheted sweaters, shawls, woven designs by Alice Cappa, afghans, finger-less gloves, hats, jewelry, baby booties, macrame jewelry, rugs, Old Fashioned Knitting Boards, scarves, and so much more! And if you have a crafter in the family, you’ll find knitting kits, cross-stitch and embroidery kits, craft books and patterns, tools for knitters and crocheters and YARN! Yes, loads of luscious and colorful yarns to fit every budget and preference.

They will feature local, hand-dyed, hand spun yarns as well as some of your favorite lines. And the prices are fantastic!

They’re open Tuesday through Saturday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, and select evenings to catch the late-night shoppers.

Naked Ewe is located at 260 N. Cherry Street, next door to MadCo Studio. They have gift certificates available (and gift certificates available for dance, voice, piano, guitar and Pilates classes at MadCo Studios!)