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Farm News

Our Fainting Goats are listed on the Goat Kids for Sale page.

Lendrum Spinning Wheel for Sale

This item has been SOLD – Thanks for your interest. Our fiber friend, Betsy, has a barely used spinning wheel for sale. It is a Lendrum double treadle spinning wheel. It folds almost flat for traveling and resets easily for spinning. They sell for over $600 new and she is asking for $450. Includes four […]

Great Pyrenees Puppies for Sale

Born April 19, 2017, we have two of India’s puppies left for sale, a male and a female. They have a clean bill of health and their shots from the Animal Medical Clinic here in Monticello. Great Pyrenees are large, working dogs that belong on a ranch with a job to do. They don’t herd […]

Chick Brooders Before and After

It’s good to know how to improvise what’s needed. Remember the makeshift chick brooder we’ve been using for the guinea chicks? A free-standing tub in a back porch, a heat lamp and thermometer. Messy, smelly and inconsistent temperatures, but it worked well enough for the guineas. Well, now that we know we can, we decided […]

2016 Farm Tour Update

As you can imagine, we are totally focused on getting ready for the Farm Tour that starts Saturday. We will have processed lamb and fresh, homemade jelly in the Country Store. Charissa has crafted a bunch of Halloween and Harvest-time felt critters. And we will have some persimmons which we picked from the trees we’re […]

Vendors at the Mayhaw Festival

We are beginning to invite and organize the local crafts people, farm producers and educators for the this year’s Mayhaw Berry Harvest Festival. Our own Charissa is busy making her felt critters. It is Mother’s Day weekend and Spring is in the air! There will be some really cute critters to choose from. We’ve been […]

Fire Ants are Beneficial?

We are beginning to see mounds of fire ants now that Spring is coming. Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is our safe and environmentally friendly way of balance the benefits with human comfort. This link Fire Ants is informative and fun to read. Yes there are benefits to the little (fill in the blank) critters. Here are […]

Golden Acres 2016 – Changes & Announcements

Lots of changes and plans are happening for Golden Acres 2016. Our New Farm Hand Our daughter, Christine, will be coming from California to help work the farm. She is the one that does all the computer work and is great at organizing. It is one thing to keep the animals fed and healthy but […]

New Ranch Hand

Life on the Ranch – and mine – is about to change! Hi Everyone, This is Christine Golden, Bobbie and Fred’s daughter, website manager and soon to be novice Ranch Hand. On February 1st, I will be driving from California with my dog, Bailey, my new Jeep, and a small U-Haul trailer to join my […]

Pindo Palm – The Jelly Tree

What is that mess in my yard? Every August some nasty things appear on my beautiful palm. First they’re green then turn orange then drop on the lawn, draw roaches, gnats, mosquitoes and flies. I have to argue with the yard guy or gal to help clean them up and not run over the mess […]

Lamb and Goat Meat

Available May 8 We have recently harvested and the product will be available from the Country Store and through Red Hills Online Market. All the product is USDA processed. The packages are vacuum sealed and fast frozen to maintain the fresh taste. A full selections of cuts will be available. Most of the packages are […]