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Farm News

Our Fainting Goats are listed on the Goat Kids for Sale page.

10th Annual Farm Tour

The Fall Farm Tour is this weekend. Since this newsletter is so late, we hope you’ve heard about it on TV or radio, and seen the booklets where you shop. We will be open… well, we’re pretty much always open. The Farm Tour will be happening from 10 am to 4 pm both Saturday and […]

Storm in Sympathy with Texas

Last night we had a such a violent storm, I felt it was in sympathy with Texas. The lightning, especially in my second story bedroom, was blinding and constant. Between the thunder and lightning Bailey wouldn’t even stay upstairs with me. The power went out of course. It turned out to be from one of […]

Guinea Keets for Sale

Baby Guineas are are available. We’re selling them for $10 each. They grow into quite useful farm yard and ranch animals; pest control, alarm systems and entertainment at the very least. Call or email to order your keets today. We only have a dozen or so. 850-997-6599 contactus@goldenacresranchflorida Their nests are not always easy to […]

Guineas and Keets

Each morning we are greeted with guineas lined up in rows on the ramp bannisters. Looks like someone called a meeting. Why do we have this unusual flock of birds? They are the ultimate tick repellent that’s why. They eat a good portion of there own body weight each day in insects. Which helps keep […]

Golden Acres Ranch Walkabout

It is 85 degrees and still humid, and it has been a while since we’ve had a good rain. The pastures are crunchy under my step. I remember just a short time ago grumbling about too much rain. The sheep and goat are all better now that the parasite issue is behind us. Wow, was […]

The Chicken or The Egg?

Well it is prolific egg-laying and chick-hatching time. There are two hens sitting on big piles of eggs they are nurturing. I’ve confiscated a few odds and ends here and there to put in the incubator right along with nine peafowl eggs I’m trying to hatch for a friend. Recently daughter Marcia brought me the […]

Eggs-Eggs-Eggs and Other Tidbits

The roosters are crowing and the hens are producing. Way last summer we bought our annual pullet (female chicks) inventory. Fifty to be exact. It was a mixture of Rhode Island Reds and Buff Orpingtons. The company sends us an “exotic” free of charge which always turns out to be a rooster. I also let […]

Musings from the Farm

A day on the farm I’ve been talking a lot about the events coming up during October and it is always such a busy month. Today I’ve been able to relax and enjoy this cool weather, however, I have spent most of the day indoors, mostly taking care of loose ends. The time has been […]

Miscellaneous Musings

Our Summer Intern Well Suheily (pronounced Sue Haley) has finished her internship here at the farm.  She joined our family and workforce with abandon. She has a great mind, is motivated and self disciplined. Once shown a job or project she jumped in and did it. Certainly made my job easier but forced me to […]

What’s Been Going on at The Farm?

Well, it has been an interesting month since I last wrote. Busy! A cold! These are just two of the excuses. My knee is getting better all the time. I’m no longer in the pain that started this whole episode, however, I’m still not walking as well as I should be. My therapist, Dr. Russo, […]