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Miscellaneous Musings

Written by: Bobbie
August 2, 2012


Our Summer Intern

Bobbie and SuheilyWell Suheily (pronounced Sue Haley) has finished her internship here at the farm.  She joined our family and workforce with abandon. She has a great mind, is motivated and self disciplined. Once shown a job or project she jumped in and did it. Certainly made my job easier but forced me to get better organized just to keep up. We seriously miss her.

She won’t be back this year. She and her family came for a brief visit just last week but they all are going back to Puerto Rico soon. I did ask her to send me some photos and write a story for me.

Babbett and Her New Bonnet

Babbett and her new bonnettBabbett our ornery mini-myotonic, more commonly called a Tennessee Fainting Goat, has decided she needs whatever there is to eat on the other side of the fence. This meant someone had to unhook her several times a day. Most of the time she was as far back in the pasture or easement as possible.

After putting up with this for a few weeks (we’re slow learners) we resorted to a tried-and-true method to stop the habit.  Very simple really. We just cut a PVC pipe a little wider than her horns and attach the pipe with versatile duct tape. She shook her head a few times and scowled at us but has gone on merrily to enjoy her daily life.

New Keets – Baby Guineas

Guinea Keets FamilyMom and Dad came proudly out of the woods with their flock of newly hatched keets. The little ones fluttered around so fast that we really couldn’t get a count.

Our friend Melinda came over and caught a few snapshots. Mom fluffed up and charged her for disturbing them.

Unfortunately, Mom and Dad are not very good at protecting the keets from nature.  I realized the group was getting smaller and smaller so I went out and grabbed the remaining family. They are now happily (says who!) chirping away in a bathtub on our back porch. The bathtub serves as a temporary nursery for all our newly hatched poultry. We know it is time for them to move to the coop when they start flying out of the tub.

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