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Farm News

Our Fainting Goats are listed on the Goat Kids for Sale page.

Announcing the Golden Girls!

Mom put out the word for some clever names for our new Prescribed Grazing service. My brother Ken came up with some great ones! Here are some of my favorites. Goats for Grass Bad Grass Goats Kudzu Kids We B Goats Kudzu Killers Goat Mowers Bio-fueled Mowers Golden Goats Land Clearing Golden Goat Weed Eaters […]

Breeding for products and what it takes

Most of you that have been customers know that we are dedicated to growing our own product and we have been working for over a year to increase¬† our breeding stock.¬† Breeding age is eight months to a year, then five months to lambing, and then six to eight more months before the product is […]

What’s going on at the farm? No rain!

Well we made it through the Mayhaw Festival and it was the last good rain we had. I check the weather everyday and we are definitely in drought conditions. The sink hole in the middle of the woods and the pond in the pasture are both completely dry. The sink hole is approximately 35 feet […]