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What’s going on at the farm? No rain!

Written by: Bobbie
May 31, 2011


Well we made it through the Mayhaw Festival and it was the last good rain we had. I check the weather everyday and we are definitely in drought conditions. The sink hole in the middle of the woods and the pond in the pasture are both completely dry. The sink hole is approximately 35 feet deep and is fed from underground. That just shows how low our water table seems to be. The pond is rain driven but without a normal rainy season it is just a big crater in the pasture.  Sorry, but we’re part of the group saying “We could use a hurricane about now.” Of course, we never want anyone hurt or property damaged but that is a common refrain.  You know it is dry when even the weeds are stressed.

GuineasGuineas – those funny birds that have a call which sounds like “eat me, eat me” – run all over the farm and woods. They are wonderful for consuming ticks so they earn their keep. They also entertain visitors that come to see us. We just have to keep an eye out for Foxy our local fowl eater. He or she is rugged looking and brazen. It has no hair on its tail and roams our farm and several neighbors places even during the day. We always coax the guineas and hens into the coop at night. They come readily to the “chick, chick, chick” call. They know I’m the one that tosses household scrapes over the bannister every day. It makes me their friend and they do come when I call.

It may seem strange to some but we can measure the success of our venture by the insects and worms we find. Yesterday I was potting some Mayhaw seedlings and found wriggly worms in the soil. Earlier in the week I was walking through the pastures and found dung beetles working on the sheep and goats berries. Nature at work. That’s what we’re after.

It is not all work out here. Many mornings we can sit on the deck with our coffee and listen to the silence. It is occasionally punctured by the distant tap, tap, tap of a woodpecker or the hoot hoot of an owl.

But speaking of work, we are watching over the newly planted blueberry bushes at Phil and Fran’s part of the farm. These are actually their bushes but I know they will share. Today I’ll pick up some pine bark and start spreading it around each bush – about 4 ” thick I’m told. The timer turns the water on every other morning and the area around them is nice and green. Phil is trying to figure out the next crop to plant. The Mayhaws come in the spring, the blueberries are June and July so now we looking for fall and winter yielding fruits. Persimmons or pomegranates are being considered.

More musing another time. Here’s is hoping your days are as joy-filled as mine.