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Farm News

Our Fainting Goats are listed on the Goat Kids for Sale page.

Storm in Sympathy with Texas

Last night we had a such a violent storm, I felt it was in sympathy with Texas. The lightning, especially in my second story bedroom, was blinding and constant. Between the thunder and lightning Bailey wouldn’t even stay upstairs with me. The power went out of course. It turned out to be from one of […]

Bragging Time – New Family Business

Well! Okay! Fred always cringes when I utter those two words. Is it a new project coming? Not this time. It is bragging time. Son Ken and daughter-in-law Valerie have opened a new business. C (Cell) P (Phone) R (Repair) in Tallahassee, and guess what they do there. Cell Phone Repair! It is located at […]

Just conversation!

Wow, the farm tour is over, Thanksgiving holidays have passed and things are getting back to “normal”. Whatever normal is! Every day is filled and still passes by quickly but we do have time to sneak in a nap now and then… and we have some fun company right now. Christine, our oldest daughter, is […]

Greenhouse Building – A Great Success

While I was lounging in a rehab facility, my wonderful family has been busy with projects at the farm. Saturday, January 21, forty-eight people came to the farm to see the greenhouse rise from the ground. Building a Greenhouse for Under $100 is a project designed and executed by FAMU Sustainable Agriculture leaders. Dr. Jennifer […]

Taking Charge of the Blips

Here’s the scoop on what we expect to be a minor ‘blip’ in our activities. Fred is having eye repair surgery this week on Thursday. Phil, our son from Texas, will be here to take him to Tallahassee for the procedure. He comes home the same day. Then on Friday another son, Chuck, will take […]

Snake in the House! Snake in the House!

What fun country living is. I heard some commotion last evening as Fred was walking from the living room toward the kitchen. “There’s a snake in here!” he shouted, and I came running. Yup, about as big around as a pencil and probably 10 to 12 inches long but moving pretty fast so I couldn’t […]

Happy Mothers Day

I hope you all had a good Mother’s Day. I wanted to take a moment and tell you how much I appreciate my mother. Lately I’ve felt a real appreciation for what a good sport Bobbie is. She has let me make all these changes with her internet life, and teach her new ways to […]