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Taking Charge of the Blips

Written by: Bobbie
January 8, 2012


Image of boy racing in wheelchair   |

Here’s the scoop on what we expect to be a minor ‘blip’ in our activities.

Fred is having eye repair surgery this week on Thursday. Phil, our son from Texas, will be here to take him to Tallahassee for the procedure. He comes home the same day. Then on Friday another son, Chuck, will take him into the doctor to be sure all went well. After that, he needs to avoid heavy lifting for a couple weeks.

Before all this happens, Fred gets to take me in for knee replacement surgery on Tuesday, January 10. The doctor says I’ll hate him the first two days but will love him when it’s all over. I get to come home on Friday. Phil gets that duty. These two guys will help us through the week with all the farm duties.

My friend Melinda is going to take the two bottle kids to her place. Stevie, the little goat that is blind, should be off the bottle but she keeps the newest adopted baby company. We can’t let her hear all that slurping and not get a bottle too, so she’s a little spoiled. Does anyone out there want a really needy little blind goat? Just kidding, I wouldn’t part with her. Her brother is weaned and out with the other big boys.

There will therapy for my knee and Melinda and Bob have loaned us a fancy machine that is designed for just such work. They also furnished us with a wheelchair and we have crutches from one of Fred’s previous episodes.

When we built the house we added a ramp, widened doors and fitted the shower for just such a situation. The lower floor is disabled friendly.  We have our own health care facility ready to go. I’ve actually looked up recovery information so we’ll know what to expect. We know a number of people who have had knees replaced and the results are excellent. I’m ready to follow the program and get back into my busy life with reasonable expectations. Our daughter, Christine from California, is flying in to spend time helping us. She will arrive the day before Phil leaves to go back to Texas.

I did cancel a tour that was to happen on Saturday, January 14, but still plan on having the ‘greenhouse’ program on Saturday, January 21. The members of the Camellia Garden Circle and Dr. Taylor will take charge of the program and make it happen. I’m planning on wheeling out there to boss people around. Oh no! I actually meant, I will listen and observe. Rain or shine it will happen.