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Our Fainting Goats are listed on the Goat Kids for Sale page.

Mayhaw Berry Harvest Begins!

The Mayhaw Berry Harvest has officially begun today. Fred has been out gathering some for almost a week now, but like an avalanche, the berries are ripening at an accelerated pace. We’ll all go out again later today and more often every day until the harvest is done. This is Christine writing, since Mom Bobbie […]

Pindo Palm – The Jelly Tree

What is that mess in my yard? Every August some nasty things appear on my beautiful palm. First they’re green then turn orange then drop on the lawn, draw roaches, gnats, mosquitoes and flies. I have to argue with the yard guy or gal to help clean them up and not run over the mess […]

Goat has been processed!

The calls have been coming for a while and we finally have had enough growth to process goat. There are a variety of cuts available. We have it here in the Country Store or through Red Hills Online Market.   It is USDA inspected, vacuumed packaged and fast frozen. We also have our Mayhaw Jelly, […]

Making Mayhaw Jelly at Golden Acres Ranch – New Video

The first jelly-making video produced at Golden Acres Ranch was in 2011. Stars were local gentry David and Charlie Ward with a fleeting guest appearance of Jack Carswell and Fred Golden. The video was done by David Neck and you can see it on our Mayhaw Pond page. It is titled “Making Mayhaw Jelly” but highlights […]

Mayhaw Festival Dates Set

Saturday – May 4- 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM Sunday – May 5 – 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM   The four days of rain filled the Mayhaw Pond. The frogs were so happy. It sounded like a buzz saw running when I went outdoors at night. We did worry about the last cold spell […]

Honeybell Oranges, Eggs, Jelly & Jam

Sounds like breakfast First let me tell you about the Honeybell oranges. Our daughter lives in Scottsmoor, Florida on the east coast by the Indian River. This area is noted for its many citrus groves. Marcia has just taken over 10 acres of a neglected grove, however, many of the trees are thriving nicely. Especially […]

Market at Video 21 Thursday, May 24.

Thursday, May 24 3:30PM till about 6:30PM I’ll be there this week but not next week. There will be jelly of all kinds also. Come by and try some Mayhaw Cake. I’m going blackberry picking (at a secret location) here in Jefferson County in the next few days. Did some dewberry gathering a few weeks […]

Hayrides, Petting Place, Local Vendors…….

…and lots of other things this coming weekend! It looks like the makings of a clear and warm weekend. We have the tractor working and are attaching the hitching post to the hay trailer.  Stevie, the blind goat, and Belle, the bottle fed lamb, will be up front to greet you as you come from […]

The Drought and The Mayhaw Berries

The trees are green and we did have a nice rain a few weeks ago, but I’ll tell you it has been really dry since then. David Ward, our local Mayhaw expert, and I went out to check the crop earlier this week. Fred went out just a day or two ago. We are all […]

Upcoming events in April and May

MEAT SHEEP ALLIANCE OF FLORIDA – ANNUAL SPRING CONFERENCE is being held here at Golden Acres Ranch the weekend of April 20-21-22. This is the same weekend as the annual Southern Music Rising in Downtown Monticello. The Meat Sheep Alliance consists of member sheep producers from all over Florida and South Georgia. However, all you […]