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Honeybell Oranges, Eggs, Jelly & Jam

Written by: Bobbie
January 4, 2013


Sounds like breakfast

First let me tell you about the Honeybell oranges. Our daughter lives in Scottsmoor, Florida on the east coast by the Indian River. This area is noted for its many citrus groves. Marcia has just taken over 10 acres of a neglected grove, however, many of the trees are thriving nicely. Especially the Honeybell orange trees. I did some research since I am unfamiliar with citrus. Click here to find out more about this particular orange.

Right now is the harvest period and a local fruit stand owner picked most of these trees yesterday. Marcia and a friend did get to the top of the tree and finished harvesting last night. Don will be bring these freshly picked oranges to our place tonight. These are not gassed or waxed so they look like the oranges that grandma and grandpa ate. Big, juicy  and tasty as nature intended them.Would you like some? Contact me by email

Eggs and Red Hills Online Market

We bought 31 laying hens from a friend a few weeks ago. They immediately stopped laying.  We then had 98 birds running around not producing eggs but sure providing us with plenty of compost. That number includes a few roosters – which are for sale if you need one. We also have, at least, 25 guineas and they’re not laying either. I’ve been told their eggs are delicious and nutritious. Guineas hide their nests from us so we never find them in time to try, however, we sure don’t have a tick or other insect problem with that many fowl running free.

Now back to eggs. Last week when it got into the low 30’s we set up heat lamps with red (don’t want the light to hurt their eyes) bulbs. A by-product seems to be the older hens decided to start laying again and some young ones for the first time. We provide heat every year and this is the first time we have had this result. All of you looking for eggs know how scarce they can be this time of year.  We have a great variety of chickens that produce brown, white, blue and some colors in between. The numbers are increasing every day. To that end, eggs will be listed next week on Red Hills Online Market. The market opens on Sunday early morning and closes on Wednesday early morning. Pickup is on Thursday at Bread and Roses on Railroad Street. Lots of farms are listed with produce, fruit, meat, nuts bread and more. You can get your week’s supply of local organic and natural groceries.

Jelly and Jam Available              

Mayhaw, Blueberry, Pindo Palm and Muscadine Grape are still in stock. We have enough mayhaw berries to get us through until this spring. The blueberries are almost gone. A friend that raises organic blueberries gave me about two gallons left from his last crop, however, the organic muscadine grape and pindo palm fruit is gone now but there is still a few jars of the jelly itself. We have enough of all sizes on the Mayhaw Jelly. We list these items through Red Hills Online Market also.

The jams and jellies are also sold at Rosemary Tree, Full Moon Apiary located in Tupelo’s and at Johnston’s Meat Market. These are all located here in Jefferson County and we’d love for you to come visit our great community. You can always come to see our farm since you are so close. We’ll have eggs, oranges and you can see the twin lambs born this morning as well as all the baby goats.