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Our Fainting Goats are listed on the Goat Kids for Sale page.

Coding Classes, Part One

When I arrived here in Monticello, I started looking for the coding/programming community. And found out there isn’t one! So, I’ve decided to cultivate one if I can. Right now, I’m doing that in two ways: 1) By teaching students to code and 2) By encouraging the whole community to consider the benefits of a […]

Farm to Table Dinner Update Info

A celebration of local, natural farming and cooking October 20, 2013 5:30 PM 704 Barnes Road, Monticello, FL 32344 Folk Singer Caleb Vaughn Caleb will start the evening with some instrumentals in the background. During desert and coffee plan to sit back and join him in song. He wrote this modest bio for us… “I […]

Farm to Table Dinner

A celebration of local, natural farming and cooking October 20, 2013 5:30 PM 704 Barnes Road, Monticello, FL 32344 Musical Entertainment Arrive at five for a hayride tour of the farm. Join us for a lovely outdoor evening combining fine dining, live entertainment and beautiful scenery while supporting your local sustainable farming and food community. […]

Our New Spanish Goats

Speaking of parasite resistance – Fred and I traveled to Millen, Georgia last week to pick up a group of four month old kids – nine doelings and six bucklings. The dams and sires of these little ones are from the Weinheimer Ranch out of Texas. Three bucklings and two doeling have already gone to […]

Sheep and Goat Producers Meeting

The meeting was a┬ábig hit. This was a good start for us to network with like-minded people. I just finished listing everyone attending. Sixty folks. While most were from within 50 miles of us, there were Florida people from Jacksonville, Gainesville and places in-between. Others traveled from areas of Georgia and Alabama. There is a […]

Looking for Goat and Sheep Producers

The market in Florida and South Georgia has grown tremendously these last few years. Whether you are thinking of a pet or hobby farm, breeding stock or looking to increase a flock or herd for meat production, there is a market out there for you. There will be a meeting for folks considering raising and […]

The Environmentalist in Us!

The clever piece that follows is copied from one of those perpetually forwarded emails we all receive. I received it from a friend and the next day our newspaper published a column that talked about how to cut down on your taxes and other expenses by using the lawn and leaf waste on your own […]

Market at Video 21 Thursday, May 24.

Thursday, May 24 3:30PM till about 6:30PM I’ll be there this week but not next week. There will be jelly of all kinds also. Come by and try some Mayhaw Cake. I’m going blackberry picking (at a secret location) here in Jefferson County in the next few days. Did some dewberry gathering a few weeks […]

Pauncho the Spanish Buck Has Moved to Haiti

A month or so ago, I was contacted by a group that provides “Kids for Kids” in Haiti. They need quality breeding goats to help improve the genetics of stock in this poverty stricken country. We had a young Spanish buckling that seemed to be what they needed and we agreed to give him to […]

Florida Farm Bureau: The Voice of Florida Agriculture

At the recent Florida Farm Conference in Kissimmee there was a lot of discussion about getting the ear of the Florida Legislature. One of the suggestions I heard several times was the value of being a member of the Florida Farm Bureau because they do the lobbying for the farmer. I’m not distinguishing the size […]