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Pauncho the Spanish Buck Has Moved to Haiti

Written by: Bobbie
April 16, 2012


Pauncho the Spanish Goat   |    A month or so ago, I was contacted by a group that provides “Kids for Kids” in Haiti. They need quality breeding goats to help improve the genetics of stock in this poverty stricken country. We had a young Spanish buckling that seemed to be what they needed and we agreed to give him to the program. I just asked the spokesperson to keep me posted about his progress. Today I received a report. It seems Pauncho is now in Port-Au-Prince. They’ve promised to keep me updated and send photos of his progress in the country.

Here’s the story…….

“I am happy to report that your donated buck that we nicknamed “Pauncho”, and his companions are now in quarantine outside of Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, where they will remain for the next three weeks. Then they will be moved to a central location at the Christian Veterinary Mission Training Center for further processing before being utilized as sires for the improvement of the caprine genetic pool in Haiti.

“Following a trip by trailer to Ft. Pierce on Wednesday April 11, they departed the Missionary Flights, International (MFI) hangar and U.S. soil at daybreak on Thursday. They were all calm and collected during the loading process but created quite a stir among the MFI pilots and staff who were all grinning from ear to ear to be transporting such unusual cargo. Everyone wanted a picture taken with them as they passed through the hangar on the way to the aircraft. They also were a hit on the receiving end where they drew quite a crowd at the airport there.

“Dr. Kelly Crowdis, Dr. Teri Harty and I would like to thank you once again for the gracious gift you made of your valuable animal to the people of Haiti. Your gift will give hope to families that have very little in the way of physical possessions. They will receive the opportunity to breed to or be gifted with the offspring of a genetically superior buck. It means added family income to buy clothes, food, children’s education and medical treatment. Also, it gives them training in improved methods of animal husbandry and forage production with their enrollment in the goat improvement project called Kids for Kids that Dr. Crowdis is directing.

“Thank you for your gift that truly is “a gift that keeps on giving.” We will send additional news as it becomes available over the next several months.”

Ivan Barineau, DVM, MPH
for: Christian Veterinary Mission